Misinformation, AI &
Responsible Society (MARS) Lab

Welcome to Mars Lab.

AI does not evolve in a vacuum.

Our goal is to understand the complex ways in which AI reflects as well as impacts human belief systems.

We seek to design AI systems that function across and recognize cultural barriers.

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Key research directions of the lab are:

  • Expanding and evaluating cultural awareness of AI systems.

  • Commonsense reasoning for misinformation detection.

  • Personalized models for tracking and countering false language.

  • Robust and fair toxicity detection.

  • Equitable detection of other harmful behaviors (e.g. mental health tasks).

More will be coming in the next year!

Lab Members

PhD Students

Ashima Suvarna

Genglin Liu

Salman Rahman

Sheriff Issaka


Akhila Yerukola
Summer 2024, co-advised with Violet Peng.

Jaeyoung Lee
Spring 2024, co-advised with Youngjae Yu.

Joining the Lab

I currently don't have open positions.

Lab Philosophy:

I plan to run a lab with an emphasis on impactful work while maintaining student well-being.

I believe my students will do their best work if they're also having fun working on research projects!

I do expect students to be willing to learn how to do research independently,

but will aim to be very available for writing and technical guidance online and in-person.

Student Collaborators


Christina Chance

at NYU

Lavender Jiang

Claudia Shi (Columbia PhD student)

Betty Li Hou

Salsabila Mahdi

at MIT

Isha Puri

Charles Lyu

Sabrina Su (UROP, co-advised with Marzyeh Ghassemi)

at UW

Skyler Hallinan

Pemi Nguyen

Boyan Li (co-advised with Maarten Sap)

Lanhao Wu (co-advised with Maarten Sap)

In the Press

Launching the lab: NYU AI News, UCLA News, TheGrio, Forbes